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Salesforce integration with AWS AppFlow, S3, Lambda and SQS

Send data out of Salesforce with AWS AppFlow service in realtime
Andrés Canavesi - Aug 24, 2021
There are many ways to sync up our Salesforce data with third parties. One option is a mix of Salesforce and AWS services, specifically Change Data Capture from Salesforce and AppFlow from AWS.

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How to write to S3 bucket from Lambda function

AWS SAM template to create a Lambda function and an S3 bucket. Cloudformation world
Andrés Canavesi - May 12, 2021
Let's create a SAM template to declare a Lambda function to write into an S3 bucket

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How to publish a message in SQS from SNS

Creating a AWS CloudFormation template to publish to a topic and send it to Amazon SQS queues
Andrés Canavesi - May 10, 2021
A CloudFormation template example about how to create an SNS topic to publish a message in SQS in the AWS wolrd