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How to trigger a Lambda Function from S3

Notify a Lambda Function when creating a new file in an S3 bucket
Andrés Canavesi - Jun 20, 2021
Using Cloudformation to declare a Lambda Function and an S3 bucket

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How to write to S3 bucket from Lambda function

AWS SAM template to create a Lambda function and an S3 bucket. Cloudformation world
Andrés Canavesi - May 12, 2021
Let's create a SAM template to declare a Lambda function to write into an S3 bucket

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Upload big files to S3 using Node.js

Stream big files from disk and upload them to AWS S3 bucket using chunks
Andrés Canavesi - Jul 29, 2020
Sometimes you need to upload a big file, let say bigger than 100MB. Stream from disk must be the approach to avoid loading the entire file into memory.