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How to trigger a Lambda with a SQS message

AWS SAM template to execute a Lambda Function by writing a message in a SQS queue. Cloudformation world
Andrés Canavesi - May 12, 2021
Let's create a SAM template to declare a Lambda function to be triggered from an SQS message

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How to publish a message in SQS from SNS

Creating a AWS CloudFormation template to publish to a topic and send it to Amazon SQS queues
Andrés Canavesi - May 10, 2021
A CloudFormation template example about how to create an SNS topic to publish a message in SQS in the AWS wolrd

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How to send a message to AWS SQS queue from Salesforce Apex class

Surprisingly, making a callout to put a message in AWS SQS queue is tricky in Apex
Andrés Canavesi - Jan 31, 2021
How to post a message in an AWS SQS queue from an Apex class in Salesforce